Research Article

Neonatal presentations to the pediatric emergency department

Ü. Vatansever, H. Çelik, N. Aladağ, N. Öner, B. Acunaş

Pages: 113-117 (3192 views 760 downloads)

How much is blood cultures valuable for adult emergency department patients?

Yusuf Yürümez, Y. Yavuz, İ. H Çiftçi, Kamil Tünay, Nilay Kıyıldı

Pages: 118-121 (3337 views 926 downloads)

Evalvation of knowledge and skills of different professions on basic life support

H. Türkan, Mustafa Serinken, S. Şener, O. Çınar, A. Tansel, M. Eroğlu

Pages: 128-132 (3873 views 793 downloads)

The retrospective analysis of nontroumatic forensic cases in emergency department

S. Bilge, Şahin Aslan, Y. Katırcı, M. Uzkeser, G. Ersunan, A. Sarıtaş

Pages: 133-137 (3846 views 807 downloads)

Case Report

Inferior glenohumeral dislocation (luxatio erecta): presentation of two cases

Polat Durukan, M. Yıldız, A. Barik, N. Kaya, E. Yılmaz

Pages: 142-144 (3618 views 798 downloads)

Review Article

What Should Read Last

Acil Kontrasepsiyon

Tolga Özgürel

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Letter to the Editor

Grayanotoksin Zehirlenmesi

Özgür Karcıoğlu

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