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Current Issue: 2020, Volume 20, Issue 4

Review Article

Practical considerations for postarrest targeted temperature management

Isabelle Mullen, Benjamin S Abella

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297466   ·   Pages: 157-162 (21 views 13 downloads)

Research Article

Factors affecting the accuracy of nurse triage in tertiary care emergency departments

Songül Biskin Cetin(0000‐0003‐1174‐9124), Oktay Eray(0000‐0002‐1643‐6007), Fatma Cebeci(0000‐0002‐5504‐3564), Mustafa Coskun(0000‐0002‐2759‐8001), Meral Gozkaya(0000‐0002‐5892‐5327)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297462   ·   Pages: 163-167 (17 views 13 downloads)

Intranasal midazolam sedation as an effective sedation route in pediatric patients for radiologic imaging in the emergency ward: A single-blind randomized trial

Masoud Mayel(0000‐0002‐8777‐3991), Mehdi Ahmadi Nejad(0000‐0002‐3837‐752X), Mehdi Sadeghi Khabaz(0000‐0003‐2425‐3443), Maliheh Sadat Bazrafshani(0000‐0001‐6170‐8713), Ehsan Mohajeri(0000‐0003‐2996‐0630)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297461   ·   Pages: 168-174 (14 views 10 downloads)

Comparison of the effectiveness of endotracheal tube holder with the conventional method in a manikin model

Karn Suttapanit(0000‐0002‐7533‐6663), Chaiyaporn Yuksen*(0000‐0002‐4890‐7176), Kasamon Aramvanitch(0000‐0002‐5995‐3370), Thitapohn Meemongkol(0000‐0003‐3012‐8227), Arnon Chandech(0000‐0002‐5552‐2442), Benjamat Songkathee(0000‐0003‐0474‐6355), Promphet Nuanprom(0000‐0001‐7523‐8353)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297470   ·   Pages: 175-179 (10 views 9 downloads)

Assessment of factors affecting mortality in geriatric patients with warfarin overdose

Seda Dagar*(0000‐0002‐7874‐382X), Emine Emektar(0000‐0002‐6056‐4401), Hüseyin Uzunosmanoglu(0000‐0002‐4370‐1283), Yunsur Cevik(0000‐0003‐1325‐0909)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297463   ·   Pages: 180-185 (14 views 7 downloads)

Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for schoolchildren: A comparison study among different class groups

Roshan Mathew(0000‐0001‐7047‐0399), Ankit Kumar Sahu*(0000‐0001‐7047‐0399), Nirmal Thakur(0000‐0002‐5788‐5300), Aaditya Katyal(0000‐0003‐2018‐8197), Sanjeev Bhoi(0000‐0002‐5392‐1976), Praveen Aggarwal(0000‐0002‐4611‐5458)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297464   ·   Pages: 186-192 (9 views 6 downloads)

Case Report

Survival following intentional succinylcholine injection for self-harm

Meenhas Oravil Kunhahamed(0000‐0002‐7606‐4372), Vimal Koshy Thomas(0000‐0002‐9075‐0467), Siju Varghese Abraham(0000‐0001‐7347‐802X), Babu Urumese Palatty(0000‐0002‐1654‐4665), Shibu C Kallivalappil(0000‐0001‐7250‐6228)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297468   ·   Pages: 193-195 (12 views 9 downloads)

Reexpansion pulmonary edema: A rare complication of pneumothorax drainage

Shivani Sarda(0000‐0002‐5526‐3778), Ankur Verma(0000‐0001‐9524‐9164), Sanjay Jaiswal(0000‐0001‐5333‐8230), Wasil Rasool Sheikh(0000‐0001‐8479‐ 7632)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297469   ·   Pages: 196-198 (12 views 8 downloads)

A rare cause of pediatric acute pancreatitis: Perindopril intoxication

Merve Misirlioglu(0000‐0002‐9554‐841X)*, Dincer Yildizdas(0000‐0003‐0739‐5108), Faruk Ekinci(0000‐0001‐6675‐3150), Ozden Ozgur Horoz(0000‐0001‐7590‐650X), Ahmet Yontem(0000‐0002‐9982‐0310)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297465   ·   Pages: 199-201 (16 views 11 downloads)

Peripartum cardiomyopathy with preeclampsia in a parturient: A case report with literature review

Divya Sethi*(0000‐0003‐2319‐2765), Naveen Kumar(0000‐0002‐5847‐452X)

DOI: 10.4103/2452-2473.297467   ·   Pages: 202-205 (16 views 12 downloads)


Erratum: Hepatic hydatid cyst presenting as a cutaneous fistula


Pages: 206-206 (5 views 8 downloads)

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