S. Arıkan1, Nalan Akalın1, E. Tığlı2, M. Yalçın2, A. Çabkın2, İ. Oztunca2, S. Türkoğlu2, C. Haberal2

1Başkent Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Alanya Uygulama Ve Araştırma Merkezi Biyokimya Laboratuvarı Alanya / Antalya
2Başkent Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Biyokimya Ad. / Ankara

Keywords: Emergency department, Emergency Laboratory


PURPOSE: Waiting time for examination is very important for the patients in the view of satisfaction and the management of the treatment. In this study, it is aimed to compare the mean waiting time and night-day differences of the results in the patients referred to the emergency department of Alanya Medical Center of Baskent University.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: The whole laboratory tests of total 1865 patients referred to the emergency department of the Baskent University Alanya Medical Center between the hours 08.00 16.00 and 16.00-8.00 were registered to the data form by a research team between March and June 2003. We evaluated laboratory tests Biochemistry. Whoole blood count. Urinanalysis. Group 1 (Biochemistry. Whoole blood count). Group 2 (Whoole. blood count. Urinalysis). Group 3 (Biochemistry. Whoole blood count. Urinalysis) and Group 4 (Biochemistry. Whoole blood count. and Sedimentation).
RESULTS: Although there was no significant difference between Biochemistry. Whole blood count. Urinalysis and Group 2 results and dayand night mean turnaround time (p > 0.05), a significant difference existed between the groups of Group 1. Group 3 and Group 4 (p < 0.001).
CONCLUSION: Our results show that, all processes improving the turnaround time of emergency department will increase the service quality and decrease the time for waiting