1Department of Emergency Medicine, Bingol State Hospital, Bingol
2Department of Emergency Medicine, Batman State Hospital, Batman
3Department of Emergency Medicine, Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul
4Department of Emergency Medicine, Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital, Izmir

Keywords: Acute appendicitis; emergency department; general surgery



In this study, we aimed to compare the clinical data of patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis in our center with the literature.


The patients who were diagnosed with acute appendicitis between 01.10.2010 and 01.10.2011 in Emergency Department of İzmir Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital were included in this study. Patient demographics, dates and times of emergency department application, dates and times of hospitalization in the general surgery ward, duration of stay in the emergency department, leukocyte count and its relationship with age, the perforation rate, the relationship of perforation with age and leukocyte count, and the final diagnosis and ultrasound findings were assessed in this study.


A total of 482 patients who were diagnosed with acute appendicitis [300 (62.2%) male, mean age 30.7±12.03; 182 (37.8%) female, mean age 31.17±13.22)] were enrolled. The duration of stay in the emergency department was between 0–6 and 6–12 hours in 320 (66.4%) and 143 (29.7%) patients, respectively. The ultrasonography findings were consistent with acute appendicitis in 366 (75.9%) patients, and the mean leukocyte count of these patients was 13.141/mm3. 46 (9.5%) of the patients were diagnosed with perforated appendicitis. The ultrasonography findings were not consistent with acute appendicitis in 36 (7.5%) patients and the leukocyte counts were less than 11.000/mm3 in these patients.


According to the present study results, acute appendicitis is commonly seen among the young adult male population. The coherence of ultrasonography findings with the diagnosis and its association with leukocytosis is significant and supportive. Additionally, the ultrasonography findings, leukocytosis, medical history and physical examination are important and essential factors for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. A large number of patients with acute appendicitis were followed-up between 0–6 hours in the emergency department.