Ruchika Saini*, Gautam Jesrani, Monica Gupta, Samiksha Gupta, Ankit Chhabra

Department of General Medicine, Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, India

Keywords: Enteric fever, splenic infarct, splenic vein thrombosis


Splenic vein thrombosis and splenic infarction are complications beyond the usual clinical spectrum of paratyphoid fever, and the presentation is rarely described. We report the case of a young female, who presented with high‐grade fever and severe left upper quadrant pain. Her blood culture was positive for Salmonella paratyphi A, with Widal test suggesting 4‐fold rise in titers. Computed tomography revealed splenic vein thrombosis and multiple splenic infarcts, for which antibiotic and anticoagulation were instituted simultaneously. She had a complete resolution with this management, and anticoagulation was tapered off on subsequent visits.

Author Contributions

RS, GJ: Case presentation, management, data collection, investigations, and writing of original draft. MG, SG and AC: Clinical management, discussion, literature review, writing of original draft including conclusion, references, and formatting.

Conflict of Interest

None Declared.

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