1Department of Emergency Medicine, Toros Training and Research Hospital, Mersin
2Department of Emergency Medicine, Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul

Keywords: Gunshot; pneumocephalus; pneumorrachis; subarachnoid pleural fistula


Subarachnoid pleural fistula (SPF) is an extremely rare complication that occurs after dural space and vertebral columns injuries. SPF is divided into two diagnoses based on the absence or presence of pneumocephalus and pneumorrachis. While pneumocephalus is defined as the presence of air the cranial cavity, if there is air in the spinal canal, this is defined as pneumorrhachis. In general, the association of SPF with pneumocephalus and pneumorrachis is rare but can occur after blunt trauma. In our patient, pneumorrhachis and pneumocephalus with SBF developed after the patient suffered a gunshot wound. This paper reports an SPF case accompanied by pneumorrachis and pneumocephalus, which occurred after thoracic spine injury due to a gunshot wound.