Erhan Dedeoğlu1, Hakan Topaçoğlu2

1Department Of Emergency, Canakkale Public Hospital, Canakkale, Turkey
2Department Of Emergency, Istanbul Training And Research Hospital, Turkey

Keywords: Acute Coronary Syndrome, Chest Pain, Electrocardiography, ST change


In this study, we aimed to reveal the relationship between intensity of chest-pain and likelihood of ACS and ST segment deviation in Electrocardiography (ECG) of the patients who have chest-pain.
Material and Method
232 patients above the age of 18 who had applied to the Emergency Department consecutively for chest-pain complaints were included to the study. When arrival at the Emergency Department, the relationship between the scores of Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) that show the intensity of chest-pain, ST segment changes in ECG of the patients, the likelihood of ACS and troponin I levels were analyzed.
One hundred and twenty nine of 232 patients included to the study were male (%55.6). Mean of NRS scores on admission of patients during their arrival at Emergency Room was 5,5±2,8. While the mean of NRS scores of the 96 patients (41.4 %) who were determined ST segment change in their ECG on admission to emergency room were established 5,7±2,8, the mean of NRS scores of 136 patients whose arrival ECGs were normal were determined 5,3±2,8 (p=0.281). While arrival NRS means of the patients who took Acute Coronary Syndrome Diagnose were found 5,4±2,8, the NRS means of the 106 patients who did not take ACS diagnose were determined 5,5±2,9 (p=0.853).
We can say that, the intensity of chest pain is not indicative whether the patient has ACS or not and it has no effect on changes detected in the ST segment of ECG.