Birdal Güllüpınar1, Pakize Karakaya2, Emel Ulusoy2, Durgül Özdemir2

1University Of Dokuz Eylul, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Emergency Medicine, Izmir, Turkey
2University Of Dokuz Eylul, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Pediatry, Izmir, Turkey

Keywords: Pancreatic Injury, bicycle accidents, children


Blunt trauma is responsible for 80% of abdominal injuries in childhood. Pancreatic injury is quite rare and often overlooked or diagnosed too late. The most are frequently injured by being exposed to compression as a result of bicycle accidents. In the early period, a normal physical examination and normal values of pancreatic amylase, can lead patients to be bypassed.
In this article, two cases with the complaint of a fall from a bicycle and then diagnosed as pancreatic injury are reported and reviewed with the review of the literature.