Esra Gültekin Akkaya1, Mehtap Bulut1, Cengiz Akkaya2

1Bursa Sevket Yilmaz Education And Research Hospital Department Of Emergency Medicine, Bursa, Turkey
2Uludag University Medical Faculty Department Of Psychiatry, Bursa, Turkey

Keywords: Emergency service, patients satisfaction, doctors’ attitude, waiting time


Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the applicants for Emergency Service of Uludag University Medical Faculty Hospital, to analyze the factors that affect this and to help the improvements planned in the future.
Material-method: Between 1 May –30 June 2008 applicants for our service over 18 were included to this study. At the form patients were asked about their level of satisfaction for emergency service doctors, nurses and staff, keeping informed, time interval of their examinations, physical state and technical equipment of the hospital.
Results: A total of 600 patients were enrolled in the study. The average age was 40.7±16.6 year and 51.2% was male. 76.2% of the patients were discharged directly without waiting at the emergency service. 45.3% of the 64 patients who were hospitalized waited at emergency service before internalization. The satisfaction level of the patients for emergency doctors and nurses’ medical care experience were 94.5% and 91% respectively.
Conclusion: Attitudes and medical care experiences of doctors and nurses in charge at emergency service, keeping patients informed during the process and waiting time at emergency service are the major factors effecting patients’ level of satisfaction.