Mert Özen1, Mustafa Serinken1, Atakan Yılmaz1, Şahika Özen2

1Pamukkale Uni. Medical Faculty. Emergency Department. Denizli
2Servergazi State Hospital, Denizli

Keywords: Acute coronary syndrome, emergency department, chest pain, socio-demographic features.


Objectives: It's crucial in emergency departments to early diagnose patients having acute coronary syndrome and treat them immediately. In the current study, the data concerning socio-demographic and clinical features of the patients diagnosed as acute coronary syndrome were examined.
Methods: Participants of the four-year study consist of all patients diagnosed as acute coronary syndrome in the emergency department. Gender of the patients, their ages, their complaints, their history, their diagnosis and results were evaluated.
Results: Data showed that most of them are males, mostly they have history of HT,CAD and DM, their mean age is 52.4± 9.4, most frequent register time is 05: 00-08: 00 and 17: 00-20: 00, it involves mostly weekends and the month December, the most common complaint is chest pain (%72.6), their duration at the emergency department is 2.5±2.4 hours, most common diagnosis in both genders is UA, the diagnosis of NSTEMI increases as patients get older. Diagnosis of UA is higher in females when compared to males (p<0.005). Duration of patients diagnosed as STEMI in emergency department is shorter when compared to the others (p<0.001).
Conclusions: It is not possible to make a generalization due to the inadequate case number. However, it is thought that such kind of studies which aim to define risk goups for our country can be applied to large number of participants, by means of which it can help the doctors in the emergency department.