Nurettin Özgür Doğan

Kocaeli University, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Emergency Medicine, Kocaeli, Turkey

Keywords: trauma, publications, emergency medicine


Background: As academic development of emergency departments evolves in our country, publications from emergency physicians also increase. Trauma, which is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide, is also one of the most important topics in emergency medicine. This study aims to analyse publications and citations on trauma among academicians of emergency medicine.
Methods: A literature search about trauma, using PubMed database was performed among professors and associate professors of emergency medicine between the dates of 1994 and 2012. Academic citations was evaluated using Google Scholar. Publications were analysed according to journals, type of articles and the number of citations.
Results: A total of 179 publications about trauma were evaluated, 133 (74.3%) of them were original research articles and 46 (25.7%) of them were case reports. Citation ratios were 77.4% for original contributions and 56.5% for case reports. Animal experimental research articles constitute 11.2% of all trauma publications (n=20). An increasing trend for number of publications and citations about trauma were observed within years.
Conclusion: Publications concerning trauma is growing incrementally and emergency physicians would participate the development of trauma literature. In recent 19 years, many different topics about trauma were handled by academicians from emergency medicine.