Haldun Akoglu

Department of Emergency Medicine, Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Calculator, diagnostic accuracy, online, sample size, sensitivity, specificity


Sample size estimation is an overlooked concept and rarely reported in diagnostic accuracy studies, primarily because of the lack of information of clinical researchers on when and how they should estimate sample size. In this review, readers will find sample size estimation procedures for diagnostic tests with dichotomized outcomes, explained by clinically relevant examples in detail. We hope, with the help of practical tables and a free online calculator (https://turkjemergmed.com/calculator), researchers can estimate accurate sample sizes without a need to calculate from equations, and use this review as a practical guide to estimating sample size in diagnostic accuracy studies.

How to cite this article: Akoglu H. User's guide to sample size estimation in diagnostic accuracy studies. Turk J Emerg Med 2022;22:177-85.

Online Calculator: https://turkjemergmed.com/calculator

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HA completed this review on his own.

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I thank Ozan Konrot for being one of the best in problem‑solving with his charming smile. The online calculator could not have been prepared without his devoted input and relentless efforts. I also would like to thank Gokhan Aksel and Seref Kerem Corbacıoglu. They have been and hopefully will be my closest peers during my journey through being an enthusiast, a student, a mentor, and a teacher of biostatistics, journalogy, and clinical research methodology.