Ibrahim Hakan Bucak1, Habip Almis1, Birgul Tepe2, Mehmet Turgut1

1Department of Pediatrics, Adıyaman University, Adıyaman, Turkey
2Department of Dermatology, Adıyaman University, Adıyaman, Turkey

Keywords: Contact dermatitis; Emergency departments; Euphorbia; Clinic visit; Water


Emergency department visits due to dermatologic disease is quite rare. Euphorbia helioscopia is a widely distributed plant in rural areas. E. helioscopia related contact dermatitis (Irritant contact dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis) are known however only a few case reported in literature. We are reporting on three patients with contact dermatitis from E. helioscopia. Irritant contact dermatitis was occurred only one of these cases. This case refused to wash face with water. We recommend washing the face with water after contact with E. helioscopia.