Abdullah Kaplan1, Nuri Orhan2, Erkan Ilhan1

1Department of Cardiology, Van Ercis State Hospital, Van, Turkey
2Department of Biochemistry, Van Ercis State Hospital, Van, Turkey

Keywords: False positive troponin; heterophil antibodies


Positive troponin test results in peripheral blood can be detected either during myocardial injury or from falsely positive test results. In this report, we present the positive results of a troponin test in a 24-year-old pregnant woman referred to the emergency department with atypical chest pain, and the clinical algorithm that we used to make the correct diagnosis. This patient presented with the same complaint of chest pain at different times while positive troponin levels were detected. In the absence of signs of myocardial injury, we suspected that heterophil antibodies were playing a major role. Further examinations revealed heterophil antibodies that could cross react with the troponin tests in peripheral blood.