Erdem Cevik1, Banu Karakus Yilmaz2, Yahya Ayhan Acar3, Mehmet Dokur4

1Van Military Hospital, Van, Turkey
2Department of Emergency Medicine, Bagcilar Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
3Etimesgut Military Hospital; Ankara, Turkey
4Zirve University EBN Medical Faculty, Gaziantep, Turkey

Keywords: Emergency medicine; systematic analysis; theses



The aim of this study is to systematically evaluate the theses in the field of emergency medicine in Turkey and to determine whether they were published as a scientific paper.


This is a retrospective observational study. Theses in the field of emergency medicine between 1998 and 2013 were browsed from the internet database of National Thesis Center (Council of Higher Education). Study type, both if it was in the field of emergency, or if it was published and the journal's scope of published studies were assessed and recorded in the study chart.


579 theses were included in the study. 27.1% of them were published and 14.9% of them were published in SCI/SCI-E journals. Advisors of theses were emergency medicine specialists in 67.6% of theses and 493 (85.1%) of them were in the field of emergency medicine. 77.4% of theses were observational and 20.9% were experimental study. Most of the experimental studies (72.7%, n=88) were animal studies.


It was concluded that very few theses in the field of emergency medicine were published in journals that were indexed in SCI/SCI-E.