Süha Türkmen1, Aydın Aktas2, Yunus Karaca1, Suleyman Turedi1, Abdulkadir Gunduz1

1Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty Of Medicine, Department Of Emergency Medicine, Trabzon, Turkey
2Gümüşhane State Hospital, Department Of General Surgery, Gümüşhane, Turkey

Keywords: Mole gun, hand injury


Although injuries caused by the home-made weapons known as mole guns, intended to protect fields against moles, are rare in Turkey they do still happen. They generally involve minor accidents and cause simple injuries to the hand. This case, of wounding to the left hand and fragmental fracture of the first metacarpal, caused while checking whether a mole gun had fired, is an example of an injury caused by such primitive, home-made weapons, particularly in rural areas.