Mehmet Tahir Gökdemir1, Özgür Söğüt1, Mehmet Özgür Erdoğan2, Halil Kaya1, Mustafa Burak Sayhan3, Mehmet Karasu4

1Department Of Emergency Medicine İn Harran University Medical School, Şanlıurfa.
2Department Of Emergency Medicine İn The Education And Research Hospital, Şanlıurfa
3Department Of Emergency Medicine İn İn Trakya University Medical School, Edirne
4Department Of Forensic Medicine İn The Education And Research Hospital, Şanlıurfa

Keywords: local elections, mass casualties, judicial case, emergency department.


Objective: Criminal cases constitute a significant part of the patients referred to the emergency department. In this study, we aimed to draw attention to the judicial incidents which caused mass casualties in the counties surrounding Şanliurfa, and to present our experience and the organizational approach of our emergency department.
Methods: Cases referred to the Emergency Department due to injuries obtained during the local elections held on March 29, 2009 were included in the study. Computer records, hospital treatment order books, judicial records, and autopsy reports were examined.
Results: In total, 126 people injured during the local elections between March 29, 2009 and March 30, 2009 were referred to the Emergency Department of the Education and Research Hospital, Şanliurfa. The Hospital Disaster Plan was activated, and triage was performed. Of the 126 patients, 119 (94.4%) were male, and 7 (5.6%) were female; the average age was 37 years. The most frequent cause of injury was beating, and deaths were mostly due to cranial trauma caused by firearm injuries. After first evaluation and treatment in the emergency department, of the 126 cases, 98 (77.7%) were discharged, 28 (22.3%) were hospitalized, and 6 people died.
Conclusion: Injuries related to forensic events during the elections resulted in lethal trauma.