Emine Emektar, Seda Dagar, Seref Kerem Corbacioglu, Huseyin Uzunosmanoglu, Mehmet Veysel Oncul, Yunsur Cevik

Kecioren Training and Research Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: Fresh Frozen Plasma; Emergency department; Audit usage


Objectives: In our study, the aim is to evaluate the use of Fresh-Frozen Plasma (FFP) in our emergency department and to assess its audit for transfusion.

Methods: All the patients aged 18 and over who received FFP transfusion in the emergency department between March 1, 2013 and March 1, 2016 were included into the study. The audit of FFP use was evaluated by according to ‘British Committee for Standards in Hematology Guideline-2004’.

Results: Total 141 patients were identified to receive FFP transfusion in our emergency department. When the audit of FFP use was evaluated, 59.6% of all the practices were regarded as improper use. We identified that while the rate of improper use was 40.2% in patients with bleeding, it rose to 90.7% in patients without active bleeding or in those who used FFP with the aim of bleeding prophylaxis.

Conclusion: We have determined that FFP transfusions were conducted with improper indications at high rate in our emergency department. Preparing an up-to-date transfusion guideline for the practices in emergency departments in our country and training and supervising the medical staff at regular intervals may help prevent the shortcomings in FFP practices.